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Use the form below to either Activate your UCA OR change your UCA password.
The Unified Computer Account (UCA - username/password) is used to maintain your unique institutional identity and to provide you (students, faculty, and staff) with a single system-wide recognized Username and Password. Access to a wide variety of computer-based services now require that you have an activated Unified Computer Account (UCA).

Enter your 9 digit Social Security Number (ex: 333224444)
or Student ID (ex: F00000000)
NOTE: New passwords are now required to have characters from three of the four categories:
Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and one of the following: ! # % * + , - . ? [ ] ^ _
Your password must NOT include any portion of your UCA or your first, last, and middle names

Enter your Unified Computer Account username

Can't remember username? Click here to retrieve it.

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Release: 8.8